Why I write? Cause I believe there are lot of things I learn every day, from every incident that happens in surrounding, from every person I meet. They convey a lot of things I must understand and think about.
There are a lot of questions which keep running in my mind:

  • Why he said so?
  • Why she behaved so?
  • Why this happned?
  • How can I avoid this bad thing?
  • What is my takeaway from this incident?
  • How that person is so happy or so sad or in such condition?

I want to understand and put it in words, the pattern that reoccur for every action, incident, personality, happenings…
I want to generalize those learning and those things happened to me or in my surrounding.
I want to put together all those day to day learning in a single line, they call it a “quote”, and hence the existence of iLike.

I assume you’re interested in knowing the facts or summaries I derive from the incidents I witness. I do not like to share the incidents in detail but I want to share the summary and I welcome your views on those.

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